MONDAYS at the Gladesville Hall

* 4 – 5pm – 5–11yrs GIRLS JLH Levels 1-2

* 5 – 6pm – 5-11yrs BOYS HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING Levels 2-3

* 6 – 7pm – MUSICAL THEATRE – OPEN (ages 6yrs+)


TUESDAYS at the Gladesville Hall

* 4 – 5pm – 5-11yrs BOYS HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING Levels 1-2

* 5–6:30pm– ACTIONITED CREW Level 4 (audition required)

* 6:30 – 7:30pm – BOYS TECHNIQUE (ages 6+) Levels 1-2

WEDNESDAYS at the Gladesville Hall

* 3:45 – 4:45pm – 5-12yrs BOYS HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING Levels 1-3

* 4:45 – 5:45pm – 5-12yrs BOYS HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING Levels 1-2

* 5:45 – 6:45pm – 10yrs & over HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING – BOYS & GIRLS Open Level

* 6:45 – 7:45pm – ADULT HIP HOP CLASS

THURSDAYS at the Gladesville Hall

* 4 – 5pm – 5-11yrs BOYS HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING Levels 1-3

* 5 – 6pm – PRE-TEEN & TEEN GIRLS JLH Levels 1-2

* 6– 7pm – ACROBATICS Open Level (age 6+)

FRIDAYS at the Gladesville Hall

* 4 – 5pm – 5-10yrs BOYS HIP HOP/BREAKDANCING Levels 2-3

* 5 – 6:30pm – SENIOR BOYS ACTIONITE CREW Level 4 (audition required for crew)

SATURDAYS at the Gladesville Hall

* 9 – 9:45am – LIL BROS BOYS CLASS (4 – 5yrs Class)

* 10 – 10:30am – LIL BROS BOYS CLASS (3yrs only)

* 10:30 – 11:15am – to be advised

## Classes are subject to change and will depend on enrolment numbers and class number limits





Please note that levels are a guide only and Tanya should be consulted on the most suitable class for your child.

  • Level 1 – No previous training or a small amount.
  • Level 2 – Some previous training, usually over a year, and an understanding of the genre.
  • Level 3 – 2+ years of previous training, strong technique, body awareness, a good understanding of the genre, and be able to demonstrate certain skills or techniques relevant to the genre.
  • Level 4 – 3+ years of previous training, strong technique, excellent body awareness, ability to demonstrate an advanced skill set in the genre.
  • Open – a mixture of levels. Students in these classes will be given opportunities for private coaching if the level in the class is a little more advanced than their current level. The amount of private coaching sessions would depend on student’s current level.



GIRLS JLH (Jazz, Lyrical & Hip Hop)

Girls participating in this carefully designed program will delight in becoming stronger, more flexible, skilled in new areas, and confident in their dance ability, with a tribe of friends in a welcoming and supportive community. Girls will enjoy discovering skills to boost their confidence, self-esteem, resilience and optimism through Tanya’s Empower Dance Program in the creative and non-competitive social environment of the dance class.


Students participating in Thursday’s Acrobatics class will enjoy the strength, flexibility and extra skill level this class offers. Focus is on establishing strength foundations to build up to skills like handsprings, aerials and tricks. Students wishing to build on their ability to do breakdancing power moves will have the opportunity to do this in the class. Each student progresses at their own rate and in 2021 assessments will be conducted to make sure goals are being reached. 


Boys participating in this uniquely designed program will be impressed by the strength, flexibility and level of skill they acquire in a short space of time. The structure of this program inspires rapid progression, creativity, teamwork, confidence, and motivation to practice and perform skills as often as possible. The comradery the boys experience through mentorship, friendship and the welcoming and supportive community at the studio, is an important and valued aspect of the program. Program content includes strength and flexibility training, power moves, popping, waving, locking, freezes, top rocking, choreography and freestyle at different levels (see levels for reference).


ACTIONITED Junior Crew and ACTIONITE Senior Crew classes offer students excellent potential for growth, improvement, progression and mateship. Crew members possess a strong desire to improve, learn new moves, and gain confidence through performing. The crews collaborate with the teacher, and each other, to produce the routines and are encouraged to use their creative skills in choreography and freestyle sets. Crew boys will also be invited to train for breakdancing battles and comps (if they wish). These classes require a strong level of commitment to the class, to their crew and to consistent improvement.


Students participating in this innovative program will be captivated and challenged with the collective techniques of Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary dance. The structure and content will inspire the students to explore turns, leaps, body awareness, strength and flexibility. A fantastic outcome of this class is the considerable increase in co-ordination and spatial awareness. Students will enjoy the variety this class offers and the opportunity to explore moving to different styles of music.


This highly popular combined class for both boys and girls challenges and inspires students with a variety of routines and techniques like Grooves, Popping, Waving, Locking, Breaking and Lite Feet moves. Students will enjoy the relaxed and fun nature of this class where they can connect with a tribe of friends in a welcoming environment. Outcomes include increased confidence in individual ability, co-ordination, strength, skill and performance ability.


This unique program began very successfully in 2018. Available to male students 3-5yrs of age. This program gives pre-school aged boys fantastic foundations for Hip Hop, Breakdancing and Acrobatics in an enjoyable and structured environment. There are 2 Saturday classes 4-5yrs and 3yrs for term 2 2021 with trial classes available to book upon enquiring.


This class was new to Dance Action in 2020 and is a well loved and highly successful addition to the timetable. The class is open to boys and girls aged 6yrs and over. Students enjoy dance – routines in different styles, singing – voice development and confidence, and acting – exercises, games and script creations. Interested students will be given the opportunity to trial the class before committing to a term.


Our Adult Hip Hop classes have experienced recent growth so we are now offering 2 classes per week – Mondays and Wednesdays. We are offering the class for either a half or full term. Adult students enjoy learning foundational Hip Hop Grooves and moves as well as Waving and Popping and fun routines. New students are welcome to try a class before committing to the half or full term.


Contact Tanya at Dance Action to enrol or enquire now!


All one hour classes – $185 (includes GST) per term

Lil Bros (45min class) – $185 (includes GST) per term

Lil Bros (30min class) – $120 (includes GST) per term

90 minute classes  – $280 (includes GST) per term

Private Lessons – ½ hour $50, 1 hour $95

Fee Terms and Conditions

Fees are the same each term even when term lengths vary

  • Fees are non-refundable.
  • Invoices are emailed through our dance studio software – Dance Studio Pro, and a current email address must be provided at time of enrolment.
  • Fees must be paid the first 2 weeks of each term. If you are late with fees and the student wishes to discontinue classes you are still liable for the full amount of fees for the term. Students will not be permitted to continue with classes if fees are not paid by week 2.
  • Families with fee totals over $400 are permitted an extra 2 weeks to pay fees.
  • Part payment of fees will not be accepted unless Tanya has been consulted first.
  • Discounts apply to members of the same family and students participating in more than one class at Dance Action. The discount is $15 off per extra family member eg. for 2 children the discount would be $15, and for a family where 3 children are attending the discount would be $30.There is a $10 discount for students who attend an extra class eg a student who attends Boys Hip Hop/Breakdancing and Acro receives the $10 discount.
  • Discounts will only be applicable if full amount of fees are paid by the due date. (part payment of fees will not attract the discount)
  • Private lessons must be paid for on the day of the lesson. Payment via EFT must be paid before the lesson date to allow funds to appear in Dance Action account.
  • Families cannot be compensated for missed classes for any reason (unless a class was cancelled), but are offered the opportunity to make up missed lessons (see below).
  • Make-up class policy – a student is permitted to do up to 2 make-up classes per term and only for absences during that term. You will be given options for appropriate classes to make up. Make-up classes must be booked. During term 4, due to concert rehearsals, make up classes can only be taken after the concert. We have a limited timetable so can only offer make-up classes that are timetabled classes.
  • Cash and EFT payments only. Credit card payments available in person via our Square reader with a processing fee of $1.50. See EFT payment details below.


Costumes for Dance Action performances are hired. Costs are kept to a minimum. Hiring fees range between $10 and $40 per costume. Students are also often asked to provide their own pieces of basic costuming.

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